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DEA Members Attend Legislative Forum

Last weekend, several members of the Davenport Education Association attended the ISEA Legislative Conference, despite the nasty winter weather. They joined members from all over the state to learn about how members can be involved in the legislative process, from building and maintaining a strong school board to asking questions at legislative forums to learning… Continue reading DEA Members Attend Legislative Forum

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DEA Members Work All Summer Long

Today may have marked the "first day back at school," but for many teachers in Davenport, the work continued all summer long. Here are just a few of the conferences and trainings teachers took part in this summer. So the next time someone tries to tell you that "teachers have all summer off," show them… Continue reading DEA Members Work All Summer Long

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DEA Receives Beacon Award

Several DEA members attended the ISEA Summer Leadership Conference in Des Moines. This year, at the Celebration of Excellence Award Reception and Banquet, the DEA was the winner of the Beacon Award for local association excellence. Josh Brown, the new ISEA Vice-President, nominated DEA because of our association leadership, political action, the teacher re-store, and… Continue reading DEA Receives Beacon Award

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ISEA Delegate Assembly 2018

Several members of the Davenport Education Association are representing us at the ISEA Delegate Assembly in Des Moines this weekend. They discuss and vote on important issues happening in our state based on what best represents our local association. We appreciate everyone representing us to help our profession and our students. Keep up the good… Continue reading ISEA Delegate Assembly 2018