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DEA Receives Beacon Award

Several DEA members attended the ISEA Summer Leadership Conference in Des Moines. This year, at the Celebration of Excellence Award Reception and Banquet, the DEA was the winner of the Beacon Award for local association excellence.


Josh Brown, the new ISEA Vice-President, nominated DEA because of our association leadership, political action, the teacher re-store, and community action through the food pantry. Cari Johnson, DEA President, accepted the award and spoke on behalf of the DEA.


Members in attendance at the Summer Leadership Conference learned more about the ISEA Power of WE campaign that other members will be hearing about in the upcoming DEA meetings. Attendees also heard from Gubernatorial ISEA endorsed candidate, Fred Hubbell.


DEA appreciates all that our members do to contribute to our local association excellence to show that we are stronger together.

Local news articles:

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