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DEA Members Attend Legislative Forum

Last weekend, several members of the Davenport Education Association attended the ISEA Legislative Conference, despite the nasty winter weather. They joined members from all over the state to learn about how members can be involved in the legislative process, from building and maintaining a strong school board to asking questions at legislative forums to learning about redistricting and the census.

The highlight of the weekend was the Presidential Forum on Saturday. Members heard about the education proposals from four of the Presidential Candidates: Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Vice-President Joe Biden, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Note that all the candidates who took part in the NEA recommendation process were invited to attend, but not all could attend due to scheduling conflicts. If you missed the livesteam coverage, you can watch that here.

ISEA President Mike Beranek presented each candidate with a yellow rose to highlight the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. You can find a full set of curriculum to teach about the 19th amendment here.  

The conference concluded with information about the Iowa Caucus that will take place on February 3. For information about the process and where to vote you can visit for Democratic information and and Republican information. If you’d like to read more about where the candidates stand, visit For additional information, check out the ISEA Caucus Guide 2020. Consider submitting one of the suggested platform resolutions that are on the last page of the guide. Most importantly, get out there and caucus to make your voice heard on February 3.


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