National Board

Exploring National Board Certification

Ever wondered what NBCT means? Know someone who is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher? Curious about the process? Want to network and reflect on teaching?
Looking for graduate credit? Then this class is for you!

About: Jump Start is a blended course consisting of 4 in-person sessions along with
individual work to complete on your own. The purpose of the class is to allow you
to collaborate and explore the National Board Certification process while reflecting
on the standards, core propositions, and architecture of teaching. Taking this class
informs and prepares you to potentially become an NBCT, but does not commit
you to the process. Afterwards, you may want to pursue getting your certification
and there are additional ISEA courses and supports to help. Becoming certified has
many benefits including a financial award from the state of Iowa of $2,500 a year
for up to ten years. Learning more about the process is the first step. See the link below for more information.

Jump Start NBCT Class Flyer

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