Press Releases

Davenport Doing the Right Thing

Davenport Community School District employees received an email from Superintendent Dr. Robert Kobylski today regarding pay for employees during the school closure to contain the spread of COVID-19. Dr. Kobylski stated: “As a District, we intend to fulfill an internal, as well as a larger public purpose, by continuing to provide full pay to all employees, including hourly non-exempt employees during this closure period, to promote morale and to help retain current employees following the closure.” DCSD employees can find additional information in the email.

The Davenport Education Association and Iowa State Education Association have been staying on top of this issue. The DEA discussed paying all employees with Dr. Kobylski, including hourly employees because we know how valuable education support professionals are to schools and to our community. The ISEA has been working on it across the state and called on districts to do the right thing and released the following press release on Tuesday, in part, and ISEA President Mike Beranek stated: “I call on every School Board in Iowa to immediately direct their School Administrators to continue regular wage payments to all hourly staff until it is safe for all staff and students to return to school. We are asking all school districts to do the right thing: Continue to pay the wages of all your employees.”

We thank the Davenport Community School District for doing the right thing.

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