DEA Recertification Voting Begins Tuesday

On Tuesday, October 15 at 8:00 AM, the Davenport Education Association (DEA) recertification election begins. All bargaining unit members will need to vote to recertify the current bargaining agent. Vote YES! Voting ends on October 29 at 9:00 AM. 

Check with your head building rep to find out where your voting party will be so we can meet our goal to have 80% of the bargaining unit vote on day one! Help us win this election with very strong numbers to send a message that we stand strong together.

DEA vote

If you’re confused about what the recertification election is all about, read the information below (taken and modified from information from ISEA).

Voting YES to recertify means the employee (you) wishes to maintain the current bargaining agent (DEA/ISEA) as representatives for the Master Contract. If you vote no (or do not vote, which counts as a no), the current contract is null and void immediately after the election and we cannot bargain a new contract. No union contract nor bargaining unit may replace the DEA for at least two years.

A YES vote does not mean the person is joining the union: It just means they support the Master Contract. It means they support fair pay and fair treatment and support the DEA’s ability to maintain working conditions and a good student learning environment.

A YES vote sends a message to the district and to legislators that educators stand together on important issues that affect our profession, schools and students. In order to reverse the attacks on our profession, we need to stand together, remain strong, and collectively advocate for public education.

How it works: 50% +1 of all employees regardless of union membership must vote YES for the association to win the election. In effect, every eligible voter is a NO vote unless and until s/he actually votes YES. Failure to vote is tallied as a NO vote. This is why it’s so important to vote. You will receive an email to your school email from the Iowa PERB with the voting instructions.

Vote YES on Tuesday to recertify!


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