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DEA School Board Recommendations

The Davenport Education Association interviewed 11 of the 14 school board candidates who returned a request for an interview and completed a questionnaire. All of the returned questionnaires will be posted on the DEA webpage in the coming days.

The DEA has recommended the following candidates for the Davenport Community School District Board of Education: Dan Gosa, Linda Hayes, Jenner Kealey, and Karen Kline-Jerome.

The DEA held a press conference on Wednesday, October 9 to announce the recommendations, which was attended by DEA members and the recommended candidates.

Thank you to all of the candidates who interviewed with the committee last week.

2019 School Board Candidates
Recommended candidates from left to right: Linda Hayes, Jenner Kealey, Karen Kline-Jerome, Dan Gosa.
Members showed up in Red for Ed to show their support for education.
Governance Chair Amanda Crecelius announcing the recommended candidates.


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