Dwight H. Persels Scholarship

DEA Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the following students who received scholarships from the Davenport Education Association and the Great River Uniserv!

DEA Dwight H. Persels Scholarship Recipients

Three scholarships are awarded to a child of a DEA Member who has the highest GPA. Each student received a $700 scholarship.

Amanda Baldry, Central High School, Parent Members Steve and Megan Baldry
Megan Harrison, Bettendorf High School, Parent Member Michael Harrison
Lilly Anne Heller, Central High School, Parent Members Brian and Megan Heller

Amanda Baldry, with parent members Steve and Megan Baldry
Lilly Anne Heller, with parent members Brian and Megan Heller

DEA William Vernon Oney Scholarship Recipient

This scholarship is awarded to a student who is BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) who intends to major in education. The student receives a $700 scholarship.

Destiny Dixon, Central High School

Destiny Dixon

Great River Uniserv Doug Walter Memorial Scholarship Recipients

This scholarship is awarded to two students who attend a school in the Great River Uniserv who write an essay and are selected by a committee. The students receive a $500 scholarship.

Olivia Heller, North High School
Mary Stephan, Central High School

Olivia Heller
Mary Stephan

Congratulations to all of the scholarship recipients! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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