DEA School Board Recommendations

In the Davenport Community School District, the Davenport Education Association (DEA) representing the professional staff there, is recommending the following candidates for the November 2, 2021 election for the DCSD Board of Education:

• Allison Beck
• Karen Gordon
• Bruce Potts

“Four candidates in total are running for three seats for the Davenport School Board,”
said John Kealey, President of the Davenport Education Association (DEA) and a social studies teacher at West High School. “Each candidate cares about kids and the overall general welfare of the school district or else they would not have put their names on a ballot in the first place. However, we believe Allison Beck, Karen Gordon and Bruce Potts have the best interest of our members at heart. We encourage our members to support these three candidates on Tuesday, November 2,” said Kealey.

All four candidates responded to a questionnaire and were interviewed by a committee of DEA members. You can read the questionnaire responses of each candidate below. Don’t forget to vote in the November 2 election!

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