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Iowa Schools Closed for the Year

To  DEA Members:

This morning Governor Kim Reynolds stated during her 4-17-2020 press conference that all Iowa schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Though this declaration is not a complete surprise, it greatly saddens ours and all school districts throughout the state. In the past, students have traditionally had the rights to experience a highly accredited education along with athletic, social traditions and events that they would have remembered throughout their lifetime. The Covid-19 Pandemic has halted all of these possibilities of memorable opportunities for an entire class of seniors in this state and possibly nationwide.

The DEA Covid-19 Defense Team and I would like to thank all of our members for working diligently to provide students with continuous learning opportunities over the past two weeks. This hard work has allowed our students the possibility of expanding their subject knowledge and guiding them during these uncertain times. We know how much our students care about us, miss us, and need our reassurance during this crisis. 

As President of the DEA, I want to reassure members that the DEA Covid-19 Defense Team has been and continues to be in constant contact with the DCSD Administration. During this time we continue to discuss issues that are vital to our members’ financial stability, the upholding of the DEA-DCSD Master Contract 2017-2020, and preparing for the upcoming months and what lies ahead. Many of these issues, though vital, are often complex and cannot be solved with simple solutions. We ask that members continue to be patient and understanding during these uncertain times. We welcome you to email our team any questions or concerns that you may have. We also ask that you do not post your questions, concerns, or objections on any form of social media. As soon as the team can provide you the information we will post it on our website, Facebook page, or send it through email. We remain dedicated to serving you and our students as we move in this next phase.

The DEA Covid-19 Defense Team and I have trust in our DEA members to continue to show their dedication to our students, our schools, and our community and for this we thank you. 


John Kealey
DEA President

Team Members include:

Mike Reinholdt

Tammy Burton

Cari Johnson
Bargaining and Labor Management Chair

Maggie Rietz
Communications Chair 

Toby Paone
ISEA UniServ Director

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