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A Letter from the DEA President

Dear DEA Members,

On Friday night, the Quad-City Times released an article about Davenport Schools that was widely shared, and it raised a lot of questions and concerns for DEA members. I was contacted by Dr. Kobylski last night and we have been in discussions about this. A team of DEA members is working this weekend with district leaders to address the process of what the next two weeks will look like for teaching and learning. The team includes me, Vice-President, Mike Reinholdt; Bargaining and Labor Management Chair, Cari Johnson; Communications Chair, Maggie Rietz; Secretary, Tammy Burton, and ISEA UniServ Director, Toby Paone.

Dr. Kobylski offered an apology for the information being shared in the press before it got to members. Dr. Kobylski will share a video with staff on Monday, including a formal apology.

The DEA is committed to providing opportunities for learning for all students, as well as meeting the needs of our members during this challenging time. We have heard your concerns and we will continue to work on addressing the concerns in our discussions. We ask for your patience as we work on this. 

Our school district, like our community, is traveling through uncharted waters these days. In the best interest of our students, our members, and our community, communication, patience, and understanding is what is required to help us work towards tomorrow.  

Thanks for all you do.


John Kealey
DEA President

Mike Reinholdt

Tammy Burton

Cari Johnson
Bargaining and Labor Management Chair

Maggie Rietz
Communications Chair 

Toby Paone
ISEA UniServ Director

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